Car Dealerships will Soon be Extinct

If you are currently working at a car dealership, or you own one, you will most definitely have to read this article.

Sorry to inform you but the Technology investor, James Arbib, and Stanford economist, Tony Seba are confident that car dealerships will become extinct in no more than seven years, in the future.

Why is this?

Simple. According to the think tank that is RethinkX, as the demand for electric cars increase, the demand for sexy, sports cars will go down. People are gradually considering more about doing what is good for the planet and not aesthetics.

And due to the way electric car engines are made, repair is not yet needed.

Even though electric cars are relatively expensive, still, they are expected to become more and more affordable as time passes.

Who knows? This might encourage the more well-known car brands to redesign the engines and the way their vehicles function in order not to be able to compete with the fuel-using cars.

The so-called tipping point is expected to happen once the price of the electric cars go down within the range of $20,000 and the engine goes beyond 321 km.

“You only have 20 moving parts in the power train of an electric vehicle, but 2,000 in the power train of a gasoline vehicle, so there is far less to go wrong,” said Arbib.

The RethinkX report comes amidst success within the auto sales in Canada; sales have been thriving and employment at car dealerships are going up. Dealership jobs have gone beyond 150,000 during the first quarter of this year.

The timeline assigned—seven years—might seem to be too small for those so-called “petrol-heads” but if you one of them reading this, please, get on the electric car, bandwagon and gradually phase out into getting an electric car.


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