Men vs. Women in the Workplace in Canada

There is still an inequality between men and women in the corporate world; men tend to be of more value than women. Some will site patriachy as the culprit.

But this is beginning to change; there are women serving on boards and company owners are beginning to see the benefits of a woman’s mind.

Stats show as much as 50% increased success in stock prices.

Over half of the respondents of a survey said they would pull out of a company if women were not given equal opportunity as their male counterparts.

“Canadian companies largely do not report on gender pay statistics, so it’s difficult, if not impossible, to tell if there are any leaders on pay equity,” Dustyn Lanz, chief operating officer of the Responsible Investment Association, said.



The Ontario Securities Commission doesn’t have necessities particularly around pay value in its controls. Rather, it is centered around the push for organizations to embrace approaches on sexual orientation portrayal on corporate sheets and in official parts.


Towards the end of 2014, securities controlled the nation over embraced “go along and clarify” rules for detailing sex differing qualities on sheets. The rules do exclude firm targets, yet organizations are encouraged to conform to the rules — and must clarify their approaches in the event that they don’t.


Tanya van Biesen, official executive at Catalyst Canada, says the dark opening of information on pay value makes that issue harder to settle.

“Transparency and data are key to closing the gender pay gap that exists in many organizations,” she said. 

“When investors understand whether companies collect and analyze this data … they can in turn assess the degree to which these companies are serious about talent acquisition and talent management, which we know to be leading indicators of overall performance.”


“Gender diversity is a priority for the OSC, and we want to see more progress made here,” said the OSC’s Director of Corporate Finance Huston Loke. It’s “not just an issue for regulators, but for all organizations who can help in moving this issue forward,” Loke said.


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