Bombardier to be Questioned Concerning Trade Complaints

Bombardier is building up on its analysis at the International Paris Air Show concerning its heated discussion with Brazil and competing aircraft company Boeing over its signature passenger jets, the CSeries. Fred Cromer, head of the commercial aircraft department of Bombardier said he expects questions from customers about CSeries in the marketing events organised by the airline.


Cromer said; “The client themselves have seen these kinds of complaints come and go in the past. I think they continue to stay focused on what  the right airplane is for them. An appeal was made by Boeing to the U.S. Commerce Department and U.S. International Trade Commission, which allegedly said that the company in Montreal has been selling CSeries jet for less than the actual price in the U.S, acknowledging public subsidies in going against the trade rules. A similar complaint has been filed before the World Trade Organisation some months back.


Bombardier will have a hard time selling their planes and duties will have to be imposed by the U.S on the sale of the CSeries jet. The sales effort in Bombardier has not been affected by Boeing’s challenges or neither has it been steered towards customers in areas like Asia and Europe. It’s been six months since a CSeries plane was sold by Bombardier.


Vice-president of analysis at aerospace consulting firm Teal Grorup, Richard Aboulafia said he is hoping on Bombardier to buckle up at the four-day air show, he said the clash between Boeing and Bombardier will be the talk of the show. There has been no anticipation if new CSeries jet will be delivered to Bombardier, and even if they do, the deals won’t be sizable.


Officials from other jet manufacturing company and from the Federal Defence Department will be present at the air show in Paris before a bidding competition will take place to have the old CF-18 fleet replaced with 88 new fighter jets.


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