Seniors’ Residence Complex Inaugurated by a Non – Profit Collaborator

Two non- profit making organizations have decided to collaborate and launch a new purpose – built community in Toronto (downtown), in order to ameliorate in the supply of residential units catering to the elderly needs in Canada.
The Rekai centers, a charity corporation and a non – profit developer option for houses have made known their collaboration with the objective of providing more long term care space for seniors in Canada. The most recent community Hub on the Northwest cover of Front and Cheery Street is the first ever in the series of developments planned by the partnership.
“Creative health care collaborations are being considered to ensure residents, who will be living in the condo and the Rekai center will gain from  the several facilities that provided in this community planned by Waterfront Toronto, including Corktown Commons, transit on its doorstep and the Cooper Koo family Cheery st YMCA situated directly across the streets.”
“Via this partnership with the Rekai centers, we are happy to be adding real value to our city via affordable houses close to the support services that will enable to age in place,” Tremain said.
Suites sales will not be restricted and are planned to include options’ traditional down payment support of up to $75.000. The major priority will be seniors and disabled persons.
Minister of Health and long term care Dr Eric Hoskins welcomed the initiative.
“Our parents and grandparents merit living a comfortable and safe life with access to the right care, at the right time in the right place. That is the reason our government is bent on redeveloping the long term care beds all over Ontario  so as to ameliorate the on the quality of life for residents,” Hoskins stated.
“This recent Rekai center home is exactly what we want to see in homes that have been redeveloped. It will be modern, comfortable, and ready to welcome or host people with rising complex health needs.”



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