Discrimination is a Tougher Nut to Crack in the Canadian Rental Market


Let us put aside the fact that finding a rental apartment involves figures and money and for once focus on the constrains people looking for apartments go through. The housing and rental market is not just about the financial gains but is also about what prospective buyers and renters go through when looking for accommodation.

Recently, a study was conducted on several young Canadians with regards to the current housing situation. At the end of the study there was one issue that was mainly raised by most of the respondents. Housing affordability was a general issue that many young Canadians are facing and the fact is that it is not all about the financial aspect of the process.

Even though affordability is one of the main reasons why many young Canadians are finding it difficult to buy or rent a house especially in Vancouver and Toronto where the affordability rate have risen to 1.5%. And although finding a place to stay or buy in these cities is quite difficult, it becomes an even bigger challenge when other unfavorable housing conditions come into the picture.

Discrimination in the housing market is one of the biggest barriers renters are faced with when it comes to finding accommodation.

One of the respondents from the study spoke of the difficulties faced by young Muslims trying to hunt for apartments. Additionally, Skylar, a queer Torontonian noted that it is very difficult to go alone when finding a rental unit for fear of landlords being homophobic or transphobic.  Another common form of discrimination faced by renters is sexual harassment and this is mostly faced by young women.

Unfortunately, there is very little people hunting for apartments can do against discrimination and despite the fact that since 2008, in Ontario, the Human Right Tribunal has being tackling such incidences, not all of such cases are reported and even if they were, there is still very little that can be done because such renters do not have sufficient evidences against landlords who are involved in such acts.

The only way this situation can be handled is to enlighten landlords on their duties and responsibilities to be aware of the constrains renters are going through given the current market crisis.

Finding rental spaces alone is a mighty challenge for renter, hence landlords should not help make the process exhausting.

In the past few months, the rate of sales has dropped significantly following the introduction of new housing regulations that was initiated by the Ontario government as part of their efforts to bring down market prices.




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