Major Market Seems Assured For Growth

According to the city, developers continue to demonstrate great interest in Brampton’s business district.

“Available land is only one of the causes that downtown Brampton is now so appealing to business and investors,” Anthony Wong, the Manager of the Central Area, said. “We are currently witnessing a major public investment in healthcare, education and amenities like River walk.”

Brampton, known very well to be a very a popular and well-performing market is self-assured of even more growth. This, it looks as if, is predominantly due to the increasing interest from developers both home and abroad.

In May the average price for a home in the city sold for $733,590. This is a growth of 31.7% from the $557,009 just last year.

The $530 million Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness will be inaugurated this current month.

There are ideas for the city to construct an extensive health and sciences community around the center, which will not only generate jobs,on the other hand will also additionally boost residential development and interest from real estate investors.

Brampton was selected by Atlas Healthcare for the reason that it believes it’s an emerging market.

The building of the center was enabled by Paul Aldunate, city of Brampton Expeditor. He fills a newly created role which purposes at working across all sectors in facilitating the cooperation of municipal services and the business community.

“We needed to find out the needs of this community and what the inadequacies were in order to better service the City of Brampton,” Domenic Trotta of Atlas Healthcare, said. “Through Paul’s role, he was able to bring this information to us, to advantage us better comprehend how our new medical center can make up for these drawbacks, thus, play a role in providing better healthcare for Brampton.”


J C Loum


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