National Post Permanently Ending Monday Print Edition.

The National Post announced will be discontinuing its Monday print edition year round as of July 3.

For the past eight years, the newspaper hasn’t published anything on Mondays during every summer.

But this is the first time the schedule has been extended and wont resume the Mondays print edition when the summer ends.

Instead, the National Post will introduce a Monday ePaper edition starting July 3.

“Eliminating the Monday print publication puts our National Post brands on stronger financial footing as we continue invest our energies into expanding our brands’ reach both with audiences and clients,” said Gerry Nott, senior vice president at the National Post and senior vice president for content at Postmedia, the newspaper’s parent company.

News follows the elimination of Monday edition that National Post plans to launch new websites for the National Post and Financial Post on Tuesday as well as new mobile apps later this month.


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