Barrie Prepares To Normalize Its Housing Market

A newfangled report by the Real Estate Investment Network has underlined Barrie as a prospective housing terminus in the heart of other leading Ontario housing markets. The city is well recognized for its vibrant economy, which is well balanced in terms of GDP, jobs, plus the upsurge in the population.

One of the conceivable techniques put to support Barrie on the limelight, when it comes to enticing real estate buyers according to the report, is to expand on its existing infrastructure combined with making business friendly regulations and improving on ties with Toronto.

REIN senior analyst Don R. Campbell noted that Barrie has put itself in the spotlight through its vibrant economic background. There are masses of capacities in Barrie, which is a promising condition for a strong developmental housing market.

One of the other noteworthy merits of Barrie is the fact that, in spite of its economic resilience, the region still has a moderate sentiment, which makes it a great place for millennials and seniors who want to live a quiet life away from the city.  The housing market in Barrie is also comparatively affordable in comparison to other leading housing markets across Canada.

Campbell went on to prompt that the young population is also highlighted because Barrie offers great prospects for younger people as their numbers are on the rise in post-secondary institutions, which adds to the demand for homes for people who do not want to live on campus.

Young buyers have been discovering it very challenging to have affordable homes in a hot real estate market, which has steered many youngsters to remain living with their parents or co-own homes with their friends.

For people who went through transportation pressures, Barrie has made itself a great preference as it has transportation options such as GO Train, which is a very favorable sieve many people consider when looking for homes.

The REIN report also went cited that the days that Barrie was just a weekend destination are over, as more and more people are relocating to the area to settle and this in turn is accumulative on demand in the area.

J C Loum


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