Fraudulent Rental Activities Popping Up Again In Barrie

Posting ads of apartments for rent with lesser cost rates than the market, is one of the most common rental scams that occurs in Barrie. Recently, the Barrie Police Service have been on alert after receiving tipoff that rental scam has resurfaced in the area once again.

In recent times, rental apartments are displayed on posting sites with units for rent tagged at lower price rates than the average market. When people request for information, the fictional landlord will respond that they are not in town. Hence there are no possibilities of viewing the house.

In most cases, the details of the homes are posted through email with several of them previously listed in the market. Fraudsters obtain their information from previous home listings.

Prospective renters are then obligated to make payments via money transfer with the assurance that they will receive the keys to their home through mail or when they get to their apartment.

Many a times, such renters go to the property only to realize that they have fallen victim of a fraudulent trap with their money gone and no place to reside.

Although most of the victims of such activities do not report such cases, witnesses of such events in most cases report these happenings to the Barrie Police.

With the rapid increase of rental scam activities, people in search of rental units have been warned to be alert and several tips have been provided on how people can safe guard themselves.

When looking for rental units, renters are recommended to visit the property to ensure that it is available on the market and also be sure of the details provided on the house.  It is also a prerequisite that tenants should request for rental contracts and compare the cost of rentals in the area.

Furthermore, renters should never send money via money transfer or through any other means to strangers or an agent they have never met. Such transactions cannot be easily traced.

In conclusion, if you as a renter have doubts about a particular property or landlord, just consider finding another apartment.

J C Loum


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