Worth Of The Average Home Price In Toronto

It is important to be note worthy that the average home price of one of Canada’s biggest markets which is Toronto can buy a lot of luxurious assets when considered. Some of these are:

  • French Riviera Villa: A villa on the French Riviera can be bought with the money equivalent to that of the price of an average home in Toronto whereas the price is 1.1 million euros, that is equivalent to C$1.56 million; a home with 5 bed rooms, 4 bath houses with a separate house and also a separate ware house. Isn’t this just amazing.
  • Studio Apartment in Hong Kong: Much won’t be gotten from Hong Kong (the world’s least affordable market) but just an apartment worth an equivalent of C$1.5 million can purchase an apartment 350 sq ft to 500 sq ft range and this is worse than the situation of Toronto.
  • Bedroom Apartment at the Heart of Paris: Central Paris is part of the few places in the world where housing is more expensive than Toronto still and this is noted by the fact that an average home price in Toronto can only get you as much as a bedroom apartment in this part of Paris whereas the price is 1.1 million euros equivalent to C$1.42 million.
  • A Townhouse of Four Bedrooms in London: A terrace house in England located at the elegant street in a lively and ethnically diverse Brixton south of London can be bought for £950,000 which is equivalent to C$1.57.
  • 6,000-sq ft. McMansion in Chicago: Chicago richest suburbs can offer such a luxury with 7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms located at Naperville which is the US richest Midwest municipality about 40 minutes drive from Chicago whereas the price is US$1.15 equivalent to C$1.54 million.
  • Villa in Miami’s Coconut Grove: A four bedroom, three bathrooms villa at Miami’s coconut grove located on a lush, narrow street resembling a Caribbean jungle can be purchased at US$1.2 million equivalent to C$1.61 million making an average home owner in Toronto like a king in southern Florida.




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