Financial Adviser To The Socially Conscious: What You Need To Know

We are in the 21st century and social consciousness is real and if you find someone who subscribes to that brand of thinking and belief system, then you have be ready to be open-minded as well when dealing with such an individual.  

From global warming, racism, misogynism to homophobia, etc. there are different causes dear to many a “woke” persons’ hearts.

How to approach a “woke” investor

You must accept this fact first and foremost: a lot of them believe the system works against minorities such as POCs (People of Color), the LGBTQIA+ community, the disabled, etc. And is not incorrect.

After accepting this fact, you can show a woke investor that his/her money can be used to better the lives of those they feel are suffering. Mind you, if you do not make a genuine effort to becoming woke yourself, you will get shutdown and dropped like a bad habit.

Phase II: The potential investment

If you have managed to get an in with said woke person, then he/she will tell you what they would like to invest in. Take me for example: I am 24-year old black natural very much into the natural hair industry. So if I were to invest, it would be in upcoming black-owned businesses with a niche in the natural hair products. But the general support of my people.

Final phase: Seal the deal

Now, show your potential client your skills and your plans for the future investment.


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