Sears Has Been Closed Down In Winnipeg

For a while now, everyone has been in high anticipation of what would be made out of the sears outlet that has been closed down in Winnipeg, the closure came after Sears in Canada announced that it would be closing about 59 locations across Canada, that includes their outlet stores, and once they’ve been all closed down, it then means 2,900 people would be left without jobs.

However, Winnipeg city councilor Devi Sharma representing the Garden City stated that on a bright side, this would give other ventures an opportunity to expand. Basically, the only business affected was just the outlet store at the city’s shopping center, even Sears shoppers were shocked because that particular one had a lot of customers.

According to the councilor, she stated how sorry she felt for those who would be losing their jobs due to this new development but still urged them to take this as an opportunity to try their hands on new ventures, after all, in no far time, tenants would be flooding the vacated space.

Kelley Main, a marketing professor in the University of Manitoba stated that any company that would fill up the empty space would have to learn from the mistakes of Sears. Sears just like other big ventures such as Kmart, Zellers, and even Target have issues in continuing on the same course on which they started with, which is by the way common amongst very large stores as they have very large real estate footprint to adapt on which can be quite difficult.

Most importantly, as a retail store, if they cannot adapt to the changes fast then definitely they wouldn’t be able to supply customers adequately with what they need.

Seeing that other big ventures like Walmart, Home Depot, and Canadian Tire already have places or outlets in the area, its quite difficult to predict who would be the new occupant of such a big space.


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