Financial Stability For Canadians In 2017

Good news! Canadians now has a higher chances of having stable finances that is healthy and much better than last year. Mintel did a study that showed about positive feedback of 40 per cent in terms of their financial standpoint for this year, which went up by 36 per cent from last year.

A proportion of them are intending on having their debts cleared off is 33 per cent which was similar to last year compared to 32 per cent.

The Senior Lifestyles and Leisure Analyst at Mintel, Carol Wong-Li said; “A slight improvement in perceived financial health means that consumers have a little more wiggle room this year when it comes to discretionary spending, indicating that continued proof of value, be it in the form of quality or simultaneously meeting multiple needs, will continue to play a role in consumer spending decisions.”

Based on the yearly report of Lifestyle, it revealed that 73 per cent of respondents mentioned that they are happy and really glad to be residents living in Canada.


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