Canada Secures Top 10 Ranking For Idea Location For Corporate Employees Globally

Corporates globally in every part of the world would grow and form a standing in markets internationally each year. Canada was recognized and ranked a top destination for the relocation of employees.

Relocation experts, Cartus disclosed from a report that the top position has been held by the US from the previous survey done in the past four years, with Switzerland and UK filling up the top three ranking.

Unfortunately for China, the lost their ranking from the third position in 2013 to 8th in 2016, France and Hong Kong also happened to have dropped out of the top 10.

Canada, on the other hand, has made the top 10, being at the 9th position, Ireland taking the 10th position. Other countries like Germany, Singapore, India and the Netherlands are still top locations for corporate employees.

Matt Spinolo, Executive Vice President of Global Services, Cartus said; “It’s interesting that Canada has now joined the list of top ten global relocation destinations. As the year-in-year-out largest trading partner with the United States, and with many companies’ supply chains crossing the border, Canada will continue to be an important destination for US expats.”


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