Consumers In Quebec Well-Informed About Mortgages

Consumers based in Quebec have a strong conviction in their understanding about the procedure of purchasing a house and securing a loan to buy the property. A poll conducted by Scotiabank discovered that most of existing homeowners are assured they have the capability to purchase their next property. On the other hand, millennials and those earning less than $50K are not hopeful that they will be able to make it pass the mortgage procedure.

Quebec and Easter Ontario Region Senior Vice President at Scotiabank, Carole Chapdelaine said; “Homebuyers who have been through the process before have the benefit of knowing what worked for them in the past and what didn’t work.”

For those intending on buying a house in the upcoming year, mortgage rates are a top priority for 85 per cent, 54 per cent are considering the mortgage term, 34 per cent are looking at flexibility of payments, while 17 per cent are considering opinions and advice from specialists.


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