Proposed Lawsuit Claims The Tax Unjustly Discriminated Against People

Last year, the British Columbia provincial government introduced a 15% tax on all foreign buyers in Vancouver in response to the high home prices as there were several claims pointing fingers are foreing buyers for being responsible for the rising prices in the city.

But a recent lawsuit against the British Columbia government insists that the tax is contrary to the constitution and unjustly differentiates against people from Asia.

A revised document submitted in British Columbia Supreme Court last week contends the foreign buyers’ tax stating it goes against the rights of people by differentiating those who are citizens and permanent residents and those who are not.

According to the 26 page lawsuit, “the drawback extends distinction on people on the context of national origin”.
The tax just goes on to shed light on the existing discrimination people from Asian countries go through in British Columbia.

The lawsuit which was submitted in September suggests that the tax which was introduced on foreing buyers proposes that foreign buyers have more wealth that Canadians which goes against several international treaties safeguarding just treatment to non-Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

The tax by the government came unexpectedly in response to rising prices leading many to embark on property transfers.

However, a spokesman for the provincial’s finance ministry stated the revised document was received and the government would response at a convenient time as presently the matter is already in court.
The court document describes the tax on foreign buyers as arbitrary as it suggests foreing nationals are richer than permanent residents. It went on to add that wealth is not determined by an individual’s nationality and citizenship.


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