Musicians Receive Help From British Columbia Province

The British Columbia government in an effort to promote musicians revealed that it will give out $1.5 million but this is only for registered or incorporated companies.

The amount which is granted to take care of the market cost of musicians will aid in improving the music sector and according to the Careers of British Columbia Artists the money will cover things such as music videos, photo shoots, websites, ad campaigns and other music related production processes.

The greatest difficulty faced by musicians in Canada is getting the attention of the right crowd of people. With new advancement in the world of technology, a lot of people are distracted by so many other factors hence the according to the vice president of Music British Columbia, the grant given by the provincial government will help bridge the gap between musicians and their audience.

Not too long ago the British Columbia Music Fund revealed that $15 million will be designated to improve that music sector particularly individuals.

Musicians receiving the grant can get up to 50% of their marketing expenses covered but not every individual will benefit from the grant.

Companies that are registered or incorporated in British Columbia that are involved in music will qualify for the grant. Furthermore, applicants should also been people that have been residing in the province for at least year and must also be Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Groups can also apply for the grant but they must also fulfill the criteria.

The application will run till May 1, 2017 while online application will commence in April. More grants will also be available during the year.


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