Is Bitcoin a Windfall or a Delusion? Protect yourself from Bitcoin’s Inconsistency

As Bitcoin starts to decline in value following the extraordinary high levels it climbed to in December when it peaked around $20,000, there are concerns that the holy grail of all Cryptocurrencies will possibly collapse.

Despite the inconsistency in Bitcoin prizes, customers are still hopeful for a change this year and are anticipating what will happen next to the hottest Cryptocurrency. Can Bitcoin see an increase like it did in 2017? Is the inconsistency as a result of the Cryptocurrency’s worth? Or is it due to the aggregated market value which is as a result of user predictions that needs to stop?

Bitcoin is the most overrated Cryptocurrency, this according to Mike Novogratz, a billionaire former hedge-fund manager who resigned from his Wall Street job to set up a $500m Cryptocurrency investment outfit. Novogratz expects Bitcoin prices to rise further thus opening a window of opportunity for investors to make lot more money.

Novogratz’s assessment is definitely the kind analysis that investors will love to hear especially in an unpredicted Crypto market. However, how are newcomers or unskilled traders going to cope when there is any change in Bitcoin prices?

One possible solution is Miner One which is a crowdfunded Bitcoin mining project that insulates investors from price fluctuations.

Currently, there is no guarantee that Bitcoin values will get to the highs it attained toward the end of last year. Is it possible to predict the Bitcoin market as prices change? Let us say for instance you invested $20,000 in the Cryptocurrency in December. At the moment with Bitcoin’s current market value, you would have lost over $10,000.

Miner One seeks to protect you from this. With this project, you will still be making profits regardless of the fluctuating values of the Bitcoin.


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