SEC, CFTC Cryptocurrency Meeting Carries On Current Regulatory Narrative

Recently, CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) and SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) in a meeting with Senate Committee discussed their oversight parts in virtual currencies. This has put a considerable measure of strain on the crypto market and in addition the crypto investors. Be that as it may, neither of the organizations aren’t new to the crypto market.

On May 7, 2014, SEC posted a note on their official site entitled “Investor Alert: Bitcoin and other virtual currency-related investments” that clarifies bitcoin and cautions investors of high-dangers engaged with bitcoin investment.

On September 21, 2017, CFTC filed an anti-fraud to enforcement action that included misappropriation, issuing false account statements and fraudulent solicitation in Bitcoin Ponzi scheme against Nicholas Gelfman (Brooklyn, New York) and Gelfman Blueprint Inc (New York).

On January 18, CFTC charged Colorado Resident Dillion Michael Dean and his (the UK registered) company, The Entrepreneur Headquarters Limited, for participating in a fraudulent scheme to solicit Bitcoin from the general population and investing them in binary alternatives.

On January 19, CFTC filed a federal civil enforcement against Patrick K. McDonnel and Cabbage Tech. Corp. d/b/a Coin Drop Markets for taking part in a fraudulent scheme including Bitcoin and Litecoin.

These actions feature that SEC and CFTC have just been in the photo route long back. It will simply be the first occasion when that it will be a common information for the overall population on the loose. This was a keen proceed onward the offices’ part as the big shot names in these frauds demoralized the local investors and the US didn’t need to take a worldwide position on digital currencies.

This could be comprehended from a somewhat comparative situation in India that didn’t make any worldwide declaration with respect to crypto regulations, however most likely have them taxable.

According to coinmarketcap information, on January 10, 2018 the trading volume of bitcoin was around 750 billion. After only a month, this trade volume is currently just 282 billion. It has been normal that this trading volume will soon achieve 250 billion. The market has been well before affected, with the cost as well as the trading volume which shouldn’t have.

Whatever might be the choice of the Senate Meeting that is held yesterday, the moves have just been made by the SEC and CFTC. The aftereffect of the market scarcely matters now. Unmistakably, the strict actions with respect to digital currencies have been taken by these offices that have discouraged the local investors from investing into virtual currency.


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