Men’s New York Fashion Week Shows Threads of Crypto Inspiration

In a recent news update from the financial times, the men’s show at New York Fashion Week is showing signs of needing a start to crypto high fashion, the wait times between shows providing an opportunity for the attendees to discuss the recent crypto market dip, mentioned reports from the financial times on Thursday, Feb. 8.

Belgian designer Raf Simons’ runway show is described as looking like “the inner sanctum of a boiler room, where brokers pitch their clients on penny stocks and digital currencies with a Machiavellian zeal.”

Simons showed slim cut three-button suits, topcoats paired with surgical gloves and rubber boots, and turtlenecks with slits, some of which had patches with three letter acronyms like XTC and GHB.

The FT describes Simons clothing as “Fit easily on today’s youngest investors, who don’t stick to the Kiton and Zegna suits of their fathers and prefer Coinbase to TD Ameritrade.

Next, Tom Ford showed clothes like “Wall Street-approved pleated trousers” paired with snakeskin printed ties. His Show ended with the models displaying the company’s new launch of an underwear line of silk boxers in shimmering metallic and animal prints.”

The Financial Times believes that the Tom Ford underwear line can become a “new kind of uniform” for those in Wall Street that have become interested in crypto on the side:

“Day traders flipping cryptocurrencies at home need something to wear.”


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