“Free Money Guy” Matthew Lesko Allegedly Calls Crypto Scam And A Gamble

The house hold name author of the United States since the 90’s, Matthew Lesko, writer of books on how to get free money, in interview on February 20, accused cryptocurrencies of being a scam, and Bitcoin being merely a game of gamble.

According to Lesko who currently runs his own websites, youtube channel, and numerous podcasts, all directed on different aspects of obtaining grants from the United States government, had a lot to say about the bitcoin business. He made emphasis on the fact that quite a number of people are in constant hurry to become investors in the cryptocurrency market, and also the blockchain market, it would be healthy for them and their pockets if they simply stay away from it, avoiding a huge loss of their money.

Lesko wasn’t just trying to get attention, but he was stern on his stance on the whole cryptocurrency situation, hence he went further to re-echo his warning on indulging into the market. Here’s what he had to say;

 “You’re playing with sharks right now. This is the beginning of something, [and] no one knows where it’s going.”

Lesko argues that cryptocurrencies are actually a “scam”, since they are not backed by anything and are not regulated, unlike the US dollar.

Lesko’s main point is that anything that is backed by something is a total scam, and such is the case of cryptocurrencies, and which seems to also be regulated. He is certain of the fact that “if there’s no regulation, you get screwed.”

Lesko whom had written quite a number of books on free money, and was later criticized by in 2004 by the New York state consumer protection board for the fact the readers weren’t getting any free money from his books, now shockingly sees the same theories in his book being implemented in blockchain, but rather in a wrong way.


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