Cryptocurrency Now Considered A Method Of Payment By Taiwanese Airline

Due to the addition of strong bitcoin investing mania and also the fact that you can now find a good number of companies taking crypto payments to entice new clients, Asia has probably become the most cryptocurrency open part of the globe. A good number of Asians will be glad to have another way to spend their bitcoin: buying air tickets for a flight in the region.

FAT Taiwan Inc. became the very first Taiwanese airline to let its customers fly for cryptocurrency when it announced that it was going to take crypto payments for air tickets. With their sight set on becoming a pioneer of cryptocurrency use in the aviation business, the airline declared it will totally accept cryptocurrency for the purchase of tickets and other related services.

“The prevalent utilization of cryptocurrency in different instances will usher in a new future for the airline business, lodging industry, OTA (Online Travel Agent) and the whole tourism sector. FAT is about to be the first in the industry to adopt cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.” Said the president of the airline, Zhang Gangwei.

Some of the flight services presently carried out by the airline include east, southeast Asia and also lines to a number of cities in countries like Japan, China, Cambodia, the Philippines, South Korea, without forgetting a number of destinations throughout Taiwan. The airline also announced that customers will now be in a position to enjoy a more convenient and cheaper booking experience with the use of cryptocurrency as they buy from its over 20,000 flights per annum and other relevant travel products.

Trying to be seen as a crypto pioneer is no surprise when taking into account the airline’s home and target markets. In addition to the regional media coverage this will bring, accepting cryptocurrency as payment will with luck appeal to the many excited bitcoin investors and users that most Asian countries are known for, particularly Japan and South Korea.


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