Kenyans Use Bitcoin To Pay For Meals And Classes On Cryptocurrency

Mount Kenya offers visitors with an attractive imaginative world of their own. Beyond all the appeal is an innovative Kenyan restaurant that has used cryptocurrencies for allowing payment.

Betty’s place makes good use of its culinary skills in “nyama choma” a delicious goat meat barbeque that many Kenyans enjoy.

Located in the rural town of Nyeri, about 150kn (90 miles) from the busy federal capital, Nairobi, it is one of the few startups in the country that has incorporated blockchain technologies by enabling customers to make payment with two cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin and Dash.

The Proprietress of the restaurant inspired by her ability to look into the bigger picture noted:

“Since the world is becoming more global, my place is also becoming a global restaurant.”

The reward of her inventiveness includes the increased number of visitors who stop by her restaurant from various parts of the world.

“I attract different customers from different parts of the world, whichever coin they have. As long as it’s a viable coin, we accept it.”

Ms. Wambugu entered into trading Bitcoin a few years back and within a year, her working capital became large enough to buy the two-story Nyeri hotel which she names Betty’s Place.

Found at a strategic location along Nyeri’s major road axis, Petty’s Place has an attractive appeal with its bright mustard-colored walls and significant windows.

But Betty’s Place is not just a place to enjoy and pass time, it has also turned into a sanctuary for learning the essentials of Bitcoin. Ms. Wambugu takes pride in being a crypto-currency pioneer.

She introduced tutorial sessions on bitcoin for interested individuals and the classes are held every Sunday at her restaurant.

“I’ve set aside one day where I can teach my customers. Whoever asks about cryptocurrencies: How does it work? What is Bitcoin? I train them.” she said.


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