Bitcoin Price Continues To Decline Despite Technological Growth

As far as Bitcoin is concerned, there is no certainty. This year has been quite tough for the crypto giant, but we must also acknowledge some positive signs.

Last year, Bitcoin was in far worse condition than it is at the moment, with a market cap of approximately $300bn. At that point, there were no regulatory attempts, barely any working projects and no scaling in sight. Most people lost all hope in the bitcoin.

However, things have improved quite a bit. There is now a scaling solution in place, some regulatory measures and more improvements are on the way. Additionally, Bitcoin is now legal in some countries like Japan and South Korea is working to legalize it as well. Unfortunately, these positive developments have not really impacted the declining price of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin And Technology

It is obvious that the people who influence the value of Bitcoin have very little interest in the technological developments. The truth is that cryptocurrencies have always been subject to price manipulation before anything else, and this trend will not change anytime soon.

Despite falling prices, Bitcoin remains in limited supply which gives us hope for a brighter future. It may take a while, but interesting things are likely to happen in the long run, and there is still a good chance for the Bitcoin industry to rise above all odds.


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