Teteher’s Main Bank Reserve Adds New Data Points According To Bitmex Study

The whereabouts of the large United States bank reserve purposely built to support Tether has proven to be one of the biggest wonders in virtual currency industry. Numerous digital currency exchanges utilize this crypto-currency as a substitution for fiat in trading pairs in which creditworthiness is a key challenge found in the industry. Currently, the response to the activities with regards to the USTD might be closer than you think, a new study has indicated.

Main Tether Reserve Bank located?

In the previous month, Bitmex research has provided up-to-date thorough research into Tether. The speculation that the noble International Bank could be Tether’s main reserve bank and that the island is a primary hub for virtual currency businesses which is supported by fresh data from Puerto Rico indicated in the investigation.

The aggregate financial-system data for 2017 has been provided by the Commissioner of Financial Institutions of Puerto Rico.  In the last four months of 2017, bank deposits in the International Financial Entities, which consist of Noble bank scored USD 3.3 billion and rose up 248 percent. In the quarter, total assets rose by 161 percent, accounting for USD 3.8 billion.

The study revealed that this surprising development is coincidental with a big rise in the pricing of virtual currency assets, which will most likely provide an outcome of a big cash inflow into the virtual currency-related bank. At the same moment, the worth of the Tether provided has risen 215 percent, amounting to USD 1.4 billion. Therefore, they came to a conclusion that these latest findings back the thesis on their current work on Tether,  which includes a speculation that Noble Bank is Tether’s main reserve bank.

Tether’s main reserve Bank

Noble Bank International (NBI), in their promotion of themselves to the FX and OTC sector, detailed that NBI is non-fractional reserve bank and it is a state-chartered bank located in the US Territory of Puerto Rico govern by US federal law. This will translate to NBI inability to lend or re-hypothecate customer assets; instead, assets are categorized according to the client’s name and bankruptcy-remote, based at BNY Mellow, NBI’s Global Custodian. This will demonstrate that the stable coin has an unswerving experience to US regulators if this is also true under the same entity that provides for Tether.

In its last study, Bitmex indicated that there is also circumstantial prove for likely relationship between the stablecoin and the bank. In 2014, the move for Sunlot to takeover MtGox was supported by the Founder and CEO of Noble, John Betts. Moreover, one of the founders of Tether, Brock Pierce backed Sunlot.



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