A Safe Haven For Your Cryptocurrency Investments After Your Death

If you somehow managed to get hit by a transport tomorrow and die, what would happen to all your digital assets? With regards to a state arranging, people definitely need to prepare for the eventual fate of their property and resources. This is the same with regards to digital resources.

With digital money, funds are ensured without bounds through encryption and capacity on a blockchain. Be that as it may, the end result for those advanced resources when their holder dies? How are they made available to friends and family or companions?

Welcome to Safe Haven’s SHA token, an ERC20 token. Working on the Ethereum blockchain, SHA intends to fuel a platform intended to scramble a person’s digital assets. “I have children, and the biggest question I have is, if something happened to me tomorrow, how can I ensure that my wife and children have access to my funds?” Said SafeHaven co-founder, Logino Dujardin.

Recent hacking endeavors and effective hacks on trades and wallets make it fundamental for people to begin contemplating encoding their digital assets, for example, private keys to trades, social networking passwords, and other documentation from their safes.

The token enables Safe Haven to encode these benefits and after that circulate offers to people named in one’s will. The benefit is that, since resources are put away on the blockchain, they are not open to anybody but rather the holder of the token/shares.


For whatever length of time that the individual (initiator of the token) is alive, they hold 100% control of their assets. When they perish, shares are disseminated by the authoritative record to friends and family or relatives. Without every one of the offers together, the advantages can’t be recovered. Indeed, that could make family question extremely long… or extremely fleeting.


Obviously, while customary planning is gradually beginning to adjust to the online world, people need to alert themselves with regards to securing their online resources. When they are gone, they are no more. Today is the day to begin arranging.


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