Bitcoin Holdings Announced By Two Australian State Politicians

In Australia, two current ministers from the legislature of the Australian state of Queensland have announced that they possess private ownership of bitcoin. The announcement has been made in relation to the state’s register of members’ interests which table data such as the trust, properties and union membership of Queensland’s legislators.

Austrailian legislators own Bitcoin the Queensland Registry Reveals

The upgrading of the Queensland’s politicians’ interest registry has declared that two of the state parliamentarians have ownership of bitcoin at the moment. The register details the official political parties of the country’s politician which also continue to declare main asset and investment possess and owned by these representatives of Queensland. A recently elected MP representing the Katter’s Australian party, which is a right-leaning minority party that venture to work for the civilians of Queensland’s vast rural area, has talked about his bitcoin holding with Fairfax Media.

October 2017 is when Mr. Dametto first bought bitcoin, which rapidly increase in value, and he stated that he used his bitcoin to purchase several other virtual currencies that had a lower value but increase and then finally drop after Christmas with a minimum score of USD 500 and at one point in time a max score of USD 60,000 respectively.

In Australia, Bitcoin is moving towards Mainstream

As mentioned in the announcement, Mr. Dametto indicated that he had an approximate bitcoin holding value of about 20,000 Australian dollars which is equivalent to USD 15,400 at the moment. He further noted that he is delighted with his current investment holdings even though the bitcoin value is no longer at its peak, as demonstrated in the past. Mr. Dametto also continue, adding that he is not really much interested in the virtual currency but rather he is more passionate about skydiving, further being ironic quoting “and I’m not into skydiving”

The Austrailian labor party rep Bart Mellish also reveals that he owns bitcoin.

Former Politician wants to Cash-In on Crypto Spree

Former independent MP, Rob Pyne, ever since losing the election in November 2017, he has sought to cash in on the virtual currency boom which consists of altering the name found on his facebook to “Roby Pyne; Cryptocurrency Guru”.

The improvement of Australia’s tax regime in relation to virtual currency has aided to drive bitcoin towards the mainstream, in the past years. It was revealed that Australian newsagents amounting to 1,200 will implement a rapid and basic buying of ETH or BTC.



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