Group Of University Students Guilty Of Selling Illegal Drug In Exchange For Bitcoin

After the creation and downfall of the notorious Silk Road marketplace, which is a darknet marketplace vendor has lead to a lot of people and gangs selling illegal drugs online in exchange for bitcoin. Sometime this week a group of young men, most of them in their late twenties were allegedly guilty of selling illegal drugs online in exchange for bitcoin.

On Wednesday the 21st of March, a set of university students at the University of Manchester are pronounced guilty of trading illegal drugs the darknet marketplace called Silk Road. This group of individuals called themselves the Breaking Bad Gang and Wednesday they were all given a lot of prison time by the Manchester Crown Court.

The breaking bad gang was declared guilty of dealing with illegitimate drugs to customers found all over the world. They have made deals with customers in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, America, in addition to their region of Manchester. Right after the case of the Silk Road marketplace was handed over to the US authorities, the British authorities were warned about the activity of the breaking bad gang. This university clique consists of students that are doing different courses. The group contained computer science, pharmacology, petrochemical engineering, geology, and marketing students.

They mostly sold party drugs like ecstasy, LSD, 2C-B, and Ketamine, which they managed to make millions out of. They were active from May of 2011 to October 2013. As stated by the UK National Crime Agency officers who were involved in the raided the apartment of the gang, noted that they identified what can only be described as a drug-dealing factory. Local news reports that the gang did not really hide their wealth but rather went on luxurious holidays to places like the Bahamas, Jamaica and even Amsterdam.

Members of the breaking bad gang include Joshua Morgan, 28, he got sentenced seven years and two months of prison time. Jaikishen Patel, 26, has eleven years and two months to pay in prison. James Roden, 25, he was sentenced to twelve years. Elliott Hyams, 26, he was sentenced to eleven years and three months imprisonment. Lastly, Basil Assaf, 26, he got the longest sentence with fifteen years and three months.


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