In Tokyo, Stockholm And In Your Town, Is Hiring

Serving millions of readers every month, News.Bitcoin website is on the spree, increasing their readers in each day. In respect to this, the overly-dedicated bitcoin news site is searching for fresh editors or reporters who have an in-depth knowledge with regards to virtual currencies. The site is now growing its activities and is searching for many new appointments in remote positions worldwide for their new media production outlets located in Tokyo, as well as in Stockholm, Sweden.

Location: Stockholm, Sweden Full-time News Editor

The role of the news editor is a constant-routine news editing role, in which you regulate their news feeds, set headlines and plan incoming content, aid curate content located in their social media feeds, planning video programming, web/mobile front page to name a few. A lot of experience from operating with mobile and online news delivery, and a passion for news, image and headline editing is a requirement. In conclusion, this is a very exciting and important role offered by this virtual currency news reporting agency.

Location: Where ever you are, Position: Full-time News Reporter

The virtual currency news based company is also looking into adding more reporters residing anywhere in the globe, to their international Bitcoin coverage team. The application requirement for reporter and editor can be summarised as someone who is an experienced editor/or reporter who has perfect English and in-depth knowledge with connections to the virtual currency community and they are urging applicants to apply now.

Do not Hesitate, apply now

The company also states that an employee of the firm enjoys the benefit of operating in a great environment, with a lot of freedom at the employee’s disposal and an outstanding atmosphere at work which includes their chatrooms, in their digital offices and most certainly found in their meatspace offices globally.

The Requirements

  • A minimum of 2 years education (journalism school) which includes hands-on I the domain.
  • Documented experience with a connection to mainstream daily news reporting.
  • The ability to operate with a web, mobile pages and also video and podcast formats.
  • At least 3 years in the virtual currency or connected market.
  • Knowledge of the history of Bitcoin, altcoins and blockchain development.
  • Not just a great writer but a journalist approach to news reporting. This is not a PR role or even a blogger position. “if your experience is mainly blogging or PR there is no point in applying.”
  • Preference for Bilingual: English is a criterion, a second and a third language serve as a bonus.
  • Furthermore, the firm holds regular retreats at their headquarters in St Kitts and an outlet in Tokyo, as well as new upcoming outlets in Sweden and Hungary.

The application should be through the submitting of CV, personal letter and work sample to nanok(at)bitcoin(dot)com, with the name of applying position stated in the subject line. The site also noted and I quote “we read all incoming mail but apologize beforehand we don’t have time to reply to all”.


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