Arizona Legislature On Virtual Currency

Recommended protections for cryptocurrency node operators are transferring in advance in Arizona’s legislature, public data show.

The house bill 2602, filed on Feb. 6 by consultant Jeff Weninger (R.-17), was passed by the Arizona house of representatives on Feb. 20 with fifty-five votes out of a possible 60. The degree will now be dispatched to the country Senate for in addition deliberation.

The bill’s provisions look to prevent town and county governments within the state from enforcing restrictions on individuals who run such nodes in their houses, pronouncing that the matter” is of the statewide issue and now not challenge to in addition regulation” in those nearby jurisdictions.

Weninger’s measure does not specify whether or not it is limited to cryptocurrency miners, however, it does state in particular that people utilize computing energy to either validate or encrypt a transaction on a blockchain are covered.

Stepping returned, the bill is just one among numerous making their manner via the Arizona legislature. Some other bill backed via Weninger could formally define the terms “virtual coin,” “blockchain,” and “digital coin supplying” within the country’s criminal framework.

If exceeded, that specific bill, submitted in advance this month, might define while a preliminary coin offering (ICO) qualifies as a securities supplying under current regulation.

More significantly, but, is any other bill lately exceeded by means of the Arizona Senate which might empower the country authorities to accept taxes in bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. This invoice could, if accredited, require Arizona’s department of revenue to transform the crypto-currencies into the United States bucks inside a day of receiving them as price.

This bill becomes introduced in the Senate by Senator Warren Petersen (R.-12), and Weninger is sponsoring its residence equivalent. Public information implies that the degree was given a second reading on Feb. 20.


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