The Bitcoin Cash Backed Social Media Platform Memo Continues to Thrive is an onchain social media application for bitcoin cash fans. It has been operational from some months now, and gives anyone the capacity to create a profile, post uncensored messages and tip people natively in BCH. Users essentially tether written data, videos, pictures and animations to the website. All actions taken on the platform are hashed into the BCH chain by using an OP_Return transaction.

There are now 217 characters made available for users instead of the original 77 when the the platform began, thanks to the increased default data-carrier size to 220 bytes that was implemented on the Bitcoin Cash Network in May 2018. With the newly-added characters, Memo users can do a much wider range of things when posting on the main feed.

Users also have the ability to embed Youtube videos, website URLs, torrent magnets, streaming video links, pictures and animated gifts along with their uncensorable text. All users of the platform are allowed to post a poll that gives other Memo members the power to vote on specific topics like should Ross Ulbricht be pardoned, bitcoin cash pre-consensus, political questions and more.

There are few extensions on that attach other platforms to the central Memo system. An example is Andreas Brekken, the developer who just reviewed the Lightning Network. He is the one behind the Memo Enhancement suite (MES)-a protocol that adds a bunch of customizations to the Memo application.

With the open source extension, Memo members have the capacity to update the main layout and design, auto expand images and gifs, and adds in-line like “ life is easier with Memo.”

MES also has a feature that remembers what you have liked and it also can remember your profile password. “Your password is stored in plain text in the browser’s local Storage. It’s probably safe unless your computer is already broken into,” explains the MES Github repository.

We can’t but mention the open source Big earth Memopress extension. It provides helper methods for reading/writing to the Bitcoin Cash blockchain per the Memo and Blockpress protocols.



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