Chinese Man Arrested For Allegedly Selling Crypto Accounts To Criminals In Japan

The Japanese police uncovered on Tuesday that they captured a Chinese citizen in Tokyo for supposedly selling customer accounts, at digital currency exchanges he opened, to a group of criminals. The man is supposedly named Lin Xiaolin and said to be 30 years of age corporate executive living in the Japanese capital city.

As indicated by reports from China, the executive was arrested on March 15, 2018. He purportedly opened the accounts at a digital currency exchange in Tokyo by getting to its server from his nation of origin under the identity of a Vietnamese person. The Chinese man has denied these allegations.

The police said that in the wake of opening an account, Lin quickly sold it off to a criminal group for roughly 100,000 yen (under $1,000). He supposedly opened an aggregate of six digital money exchange accounts, and no less than three of which were later utilized as a part of some unlawful transactions, the Tokyo police believe.

Japanese police presume that the criminal group stored digital currencies taken from a third party to the accounts they got from Lin, disregarding the law. The investigators likewise figure he may have given the culprits not just accounts but rather other “instruments” they may utilize.

The Chinese executive allegedly procured the individual details of a Vietnamese individual from an associate he had in Vietnam. They talked on Facebook and Lin paid 30,000 yen (under $300) to get the name, birth date and more data of another person. These were utilized to open an exchange account toward the beginning of July 2017, as per the police. The investigators initially captured four Vietnamese back in February for purportedly selling this data to Lin, yet prosecutors in the long run-ruled against indicting them.


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