There Is More Attached To Bitcoin Lightning

Bitcoin’s Lightning network is actually not what they seem.

All things considered, bitcoin users are a huge fan of data visualizations who are excited to express their experience of the stable adoption of the in-development payments technology. As of now, several visualizers have been showcased to reflect the network in fictitious ways ranging from 3D renderings and historical time series to family trees and experimental animations.

Similar to attractive groups of galaxies, watching the nodes and channels reveals complex webs which have become somewhat of a fun activity for lighting fans.

According to a lighting fan who wrote on Reddit, “I used to check the bitcoin price every day, but now I check the lightning network nodes every day,” going on to say different from the price chart, lighting is usually moving upward.

However, based on several developers that work on lighting application, the images have more than what meets the ordinary eye.

Olaoluwa ‘Laolu’ Osuntokun, a developer at Lightning Labs explained, “Most of the snapshots will become increasingly irrelevant.”

For instance, the images are established on vies from a single node, which has restricted access to the overall lighting network.

Osuntokun continued, “It isn’t authoritative, not really indicative of the longer-term topology.”

Regardless, the pictures have a significant role and sometimes used to solve unanswered questions concerning the development of the network.

“It gives people something they can point to say, ‘Look it’s lightning!'” Osuntokun said.

Supposed developer “Intel” inventor behind the famous lighting mainnet explorer #recksplorer, was of the same opinion stating visualizers are the fastest way to track the network development.


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