Bitcoin Miners to Profit Only When Bitcoin Surpasses $8,600 – Says Morgan Stanley Analysts

The key value point for Bitcoin mining profitability is $8,600, as indicated by Morgan Stanley Equity Analyst Charlie Chan and his group. According to their simulation, if the coin can’t get to the $8,600 soon, many Bitcoin miners will probably think that it’s unbeneficial to continue mining digital currencies.

With Bitcoin’s current value at around $8,250 as indicated by Coinmarketcap, the Cryptocurrency have lost a lot of its market valuation it enjoyed in late-December.  However, the current position is much enhanced from the early-February standing, when it bottomed out to below $6,000.

“We estimate the break-even point for big mining pools should be US$8,600, even if we assume a very low electricity cost (US$0.03 kW/h),” Chan said.

In view of the vulnerability communicated in Morgan Stanley’s report, TSMC, the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, brought down its 2018 income forecast to 10% from an earlier 15% estimate. The firm estimates that 10% of the Asian chipmaker’s income now relies upon digital currency mining request.

Organizations that offer particular ASIC (application-specific incorporated circuits) mining chips, then again, seem to have more breathing space. The Morgan Stanley model gauges organizations that create ASICs — which are manufactured for the single reason of mining digital money — will earn back the original investment in two years time if Bitcoin remains above $5,000.

Pushing ahead, Bill Tai, the director of Hut 8 Mining Corp., the North American arm of Cryptocurrency mining rig maker Bitfury, expects just 5-10% of the biggest miners to survive and be gainful, as per Bloomberg.

The concentration of mining power in the hands of few corporate elements is disapproved of by larger groups of individuals in the Crypto sphere, as it repudiates the very idea of a decentralized system.

A supposed 51% attack, which hit the cryptographic money Verge not long ago, would allow a solid mining pool to viably steal coins from others. With increasing numbers of mining pools and ASIC designers, this is still the direst outcome imaginable for Bitcoin.


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