Win Bitcoin Cash And Promote Peace: The Art Of Sedition

A wartime censorship act known as the Espionage and Sedition Acts of 1918 was passed 100 years ago in the US Congress.

US citizens could spend time in prison for showing this kind of behavior and at this time restriction and publicity strategies were applicable to any individual who gave “negative attention on war” as mention by Ultimately, the act was rejected, however many individuals and parties were sentenced to the utilization of freedom of expression and/or speech., in light of this occurrence, the non-profit organization organized an art competition devoted to advancing a community of peace and absence of war.

“The Art of Sedition” Anti war’s competition

For centuries, the human race has been dealing with the issue of war and during the last couple of decades, individuals worldwide have shown their aspiration to terminate wars, nevertheless, the bureaucracy and politicians persist to strengthen the “military-industrial complex, as indicated by

The concept of peace has been promoted for numerous years by the no-profit organization and interventionist website and they prompt every individual to pass on the message that the war must stop. In efforts to acknowledge the duration when citizens were restricted from expressing their opinions freely against wars that are unjust, an art competition devoted to advance peace is hosted by Antiwar.

Authur detailed that “In recognition of this muting of free speech we’re holding an art contest encouraging all antiwar activists to freely express their thoughts and images about diplomacy, foreign policy, and how we get to a more peaceful future,”

He further continues stating that “We are looking for the best Pro-Peace/ Antiwar expressions out there to help grow a movement of people working towards a more peaceful future. Can you help answer the question “How do we get there?”

$1,500 giveaway prizes by Antiwar

For winners of this distinct competition, Antiwar is prepared to give away over $1,500 worth of prizes that advances a future that is peaceful. Additionally, $300 in bitcoin from the team at Bitcoin.comwill constitute of the three first-place prizes.

Moreover 7.0ZEN from and a tee-shirt will form the three second-place prizes. The third place prizes will be a 10z silver card and a “Peace Now” tee shirt called Roberts and Roberts Brokerage Inc. Free Press Publications will sponsor a peace flag and a selection of libertarian books as the runner-up prize and written category.

The three entry categories will consist of

  • VISUAL ART– original illustration, painting, collage, meme, photography, poster art
  • WRITTEN COMPOSITION– original short essays, poetry, slogans (500 words max)
  • MUSICAL ART– original songs, jingles, hip hop, musical composition, as reported by

For each section different criteria will be set for judgment and awards will be given as follows first, second, third prizes and honorable mentions as indicated by The site continues “runner-up prizes will cross categories”. reports that

“To Enter, email to

  • Put your full name (for attribution) and email address in the body of the email
  • Label your file with your name and attach to your email
  • Post/tweet your art along with #NoMoreWar and include a link to your post in the email”
  • “File types to submit: doc, pdf, jpg, png, gif, mp3, mp4 (Please no large files/ large file services)”

By May 31st, 2018, 9 pm pacific standard work should be submitted, if you are interested and you have some art skills as reported by

According to “Winners will be contacted on or before June 15 and the next day winner submissions will be posted on is proud to help promote ideas that spread peace (like bitcoin cash) and concepts that aim to end the world’s aggressive wars and corruption”.



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