Avatar-Based Platform Makes Omnipresence A Reality By Connecting People Worldwide

UbiatarPlay will use the Ubiatar technology, including applications and software to end up a human empowerment network for people around the globe. The ultimate objective is to run past social networking with Avatars and Users who can interface live and settle on various kinds of services. For instance, a jobless individual in Singapore can turn into an Avatar, associated with a User (somebody in New York City) and timetable a live tour through Singapore’s hotspots.

In return, the Avatar gets money as compensation in UbiatarPlay tokens, though the Usar appreciates the extraordinary client experience of going to Singapore without being physically present. To guarantee to complete transactional transparency, UbiatarPlay will use smart contracts on Ethereum. All payments between clients, regardless of their area, will be made in UbiatarPlay tokens. By removing the agent, individuals won’t need to manage high trade expenses or banks to get pay for provided services. Moreover, exchanges are made immediately into a client’s Ubiatar wallet.


UbiatarPlay will utilize the powerful technology right now running on the Ubiatar services. The new project uses the skilled developers and software engineers to build up a marketplace where clients can receive the rewards of telepresence at the worldwide scale through the Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Straightforward and extremely powerful, as opposed to compose or request something by voice, Users will tap on the symbols to evoke a coveted action from Avatars. There is no compelling reason to control the Avatar since they can comprehend straightforward notorious charges. By bringing the “Mac GUI” into the telepresence field, the group at Ubiatar has culminated it throughout the years to give consistent collaboration with only a couple of snaps.

To ensure the omnipresent experience Users get from Avatars is the genuine deal, UbiatarPlay innovation depends on bi-dimensional video streaming by means of an Avatar’s telephone camera. To convey the experience to the following level, clients can also attach VR system to their telephones to give and appreciate 360-degree encounters and have the capacity to really feel that they are in a city or nation far away from home without being actually present.

Blockchain technology becomes possibly the most important factor to guarantee all exchanges on the UbiatarPlay platform are transparent, secure, and quick. The two Avatars and Users will execute in UAC tokens, subsequently evacuating the need to deal with high trade fees while connecting with individuals situated at the other side of the world.

The UbiatarPlay is planned for May 9. With a current MVP live and running, upon effective completion general token deal, the group will center around building up its VR system and perfecting the UbiatarPlay platform.


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