Squeezer A Blockchain Development Platform Based On Microservices

As blockchain prominence and market request made Nick resolved to facilitate the advancement of the platform, Nick has thought of the unique of further creating Squeezer by updating the blockchain connector in light of microservices, The sing bound together blockchain connector will permit the applications to be fueled by microservices.

Having the applications fueled by microservices implies that the auto-scalability include is empowered of course. The microservices also have an auto-healing feature that considers silent cloud deployment.

Nick Chisiu has an educational background in Informatics and Economics and has gained knowledge through numerous times of professional experience and in addition refining an extensive array of technical software advancement aptitudes as a microservices architect.

Also, Nick has encounter building blockchain-based applications for enormous enterprises and organizations all around the globe. He has the ethos that creating a vital and operational process that would follow the customers’ development, productivity, and maintainability.


Utilizing the blockchain connector, clients would be able to easily associate with the blockchain without dealing with the entire infrastructure. Also, to this end, the adaptability issues have been fathomed by utilizing the energy of the microservices.

This application will link software developers, worldwide organizations and financial institutions that are hoping to coordinate blockchain innovation inside their organization structure. There are in excess of 7000 trades and somewhat more than 40 million software developers around the world. Squeezer makes a one of a kind opportunity for worldwide organizations to utilize this problem free condition as it is simple and available to everybody. The platform means to be the safe haven for building decentralized serverless applications.


The Squeezer platform is controlled by the SQZR token, whose center utility is to pay for memberships empowering the client/organization to buy consultancy administrations gave by the Squeezer group. 4 million tokens have been sold as of now and despite the fact that the soft cap reached within a couple of hours from launching, the Squeezer token deal is still on. A large number of tokens are as yet accessible to be distributed on the market.

The Squeezer has a committed group of consultants and the capable meeting will enable Squeezer to get one bit nearer to the objective of seeing the execution of the blockchain connector to life and bring Nick Chisiu clever plans to life. Squeezer is unquestionably one of the blockchain projects to watch in 2018.


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