Bitcoin Cash Now Trading At $1000 USD

Returning to price levels seen since late March of this year, currently, bitcoin cash is now trading at $1000 USD. This is due to BCH heighten as a result of after-tax season liquidity, power capacity and an active and passionate community backing the project according to a group of an analyst.

Currently, Bitcoin cash is trading at $1000

Samuel Haig a market specialist, emphasizes that “The price of Bitcoin Cash has rallied to test levels above $1,000 for the first time since March. The move comprises a gain of more than 75% when measuring from early April’s low of approximately $610. With BCH hovering at approximately $1,050, the markets are approaching the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement area when measuring from the all-time.”

He also stated that “When looking at the BCH/BTC markets” And continue “one can see that Bitcoin Cash has begun to make significant gains over bitcoin. The BCH/BTC markets recently broke above, and then bounced off a broken a major descending trendline, signaling that BCH’s gains over BTC may continue in the short term. The BCH/BTC markets are also testing the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement area when measuring from the major resistance area of 0.25 BTC.”

BCH describe as being in the Monty Phyton Zone

Brian Kelly a presenter of the famous financial news program called Fast money on CNBC, a couple of days ago, made a point for “an all-out buy exactly one cryptocurrency, bitcoin cash,” according to Through an on-screen presentation, Mr. Kelly shared his view as being slightly controversial.

Following one another up and down, he recognizes the relationship that bitcoin core and bitcoin cash trade together often. Monty Python zone is the description given to BCH. Popularly, its short plays that showcase characters who basically would not accept losing a challenge when it is clear to either individual that they should. Mr. Kelly emphasizes that “Bitcoin Cash has been left for dead” and also commented that “It’s gotten absolutely crushed, so maybe it’s mostly dead but it’s not dead yet!,” as reported from

On high performing market, the smart money was waiting for a cheap price on the sideline, while numerous traders recoil in fear as the digital currency downfall of 2018 drop down market prices. Numerous volume buyers evidently started to accumulate, subsequent to watching BCH plummet by an estimate of 75 percent during the early months of 2018. Mr. Kelly hurriedly detailed “We’ve got a potential breakout coming. We’ve got increasing volume.”

The question with regards to the wider debates which was about bitcoin core or cash, Mr. Kelly noted that he had a preference buy low, sell high for the ultimate business choice.  Moreover, he elaborated that due to the recent FUD news as the likes of the New York Attorney querying crypto exchanges, base on his trading activity, he has not encountered any challenges in the relationship with liquidity.

Bitcoin cash spike as it gains 10% in 24 hours

On Wednesday 17th Bitcoin cash began to rumble, as it rose over 10 percent in just a day, categorizing it amongst the top-performing market, according to In just a week, Coinmarketcap has estimated the BCH to be worth more than 37 percent, as it continues to gain momentum in the days to come respectively.


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