Hedge Fund Data Specialist Reveals Crypto Funds Droped By 29.9% In March

In both bearish and Bullish markets, hedge funds utilize a detail investment technique that permits them to accomplish high returns in theory as reported by newsbitcoin.com. As a result of over-leverage training and short-term methodology, many fail in practice, according to the news agency. In relation to digital currency ecosystem, these can be very expensive and volatile as any bitcoin pioneer will emphasize.

Latest Cryptocurrency Index provided by Barclay Hedge

In March 2018, the digital currency traders index show that contributors in the virtual currency sector felled by 29.2 percent according to latest index issued by hedge fund specialist Barclay Hedge. Subsequent to three straight monthly losses, it has dropped by 23.1 percent from the beginning of the year to date.

Beginning in January 1st, 2018, the study details that the latest feature is a representative universe of 19 constituent funds that transact in bitcoin and other digital currency, that is measured in an equal-weighted index of their monthly returns.

Barclay hedge provides services to institutional investors across the globe in the area of portfolio management, management of futures performance measure and hedge fund. They were established in 1985 and officially called The Barclay Group. In its position as an independent index calculation agent, it maintains 148 hedge fund indices for financial organizations established in Europe and North America and an addition of 25 proprietor indices.

President and Founder, Sol Waksman contributed that “Based on the knowledge gained from our 32 years of experience in collecting, compiling, analyzing, and indexing performance data from alternative investment funds, we wanted to minimize statistical biases which can distort historical index returns.” He further noted that “We chose a January 2018 start date to avoid survivorship bias, backdating and selection bias.”

Many Cryptos struggling to survive, as Nine cease operations

In the prior year, there has been a boom in the number of cryptos hedge funds establish, with a massive 167 approximated to have been established within the year. Nevertheless, numerous hedge funds face challenges to survive the current market conditions as mention previously by Newsbitcoin.com, with a minimum of nine crypto hedge funds to suspend their business activities as reported by newsbitcoin.com.

Waksman explained that “The ability to trade Bitcoin futures on exchanges such as CME and Cboe, which are respected worldwide, provides a much-needed level of transparency, investor safety, and credibility to the price–discovery process and creates a level of institutional legitimacy that is crucial for growth in this sector.”, reported by Newsbitcoin.com.

He further states that on December 18 of the previous year, Bitcoin spiked just a little below $20,000 marking its all-time high, during a couple of days that bitcoin futures were just established. Although, people have their views with regards to the cause of the current worth which is just more than $8,000, players. Additionally, it can be due to a bubble or a correction effect but no individual really knows the answer as emphasize by Waker and reported by Newsbitcoin.com


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