The Little Country With Big Ambition

“We are the world’s oldest republic,” says Andrea Zafferani, Secretary of State for Economic Development, “and we are proud to begin a transformation led by technology.” It looks like technology has been coursing through the veins of this postage stamp-sized nation for quite a while now. The San Marino Innovation Institute has for quite some time been an incubator for new startups of all stripes and is at the focal point of this most recent idea.

With blockchain immovably in their sights, San Marino intends to feature the far-reaching implications of this new innovation. The San Marino Innovation Institute will collaborate with Polybius, an Estonian blockchain development company, to start numerous blockchain-based projects and even make a whole blockchain ecosystem.

The Eastern European startup will give their experts in various areas, from information storage and password free approval to notary services and confirmation. Through this association, they mean to change San Marino into a blockchain technology center point, boosting the government to additionally create and add to projects in this industry.


The San Marino government knows about the requirement regulation and is busying about setting up the frame structure for the business. Not exclusively does San Marino hope to lead the path in blockchain technology, yet it needs to instruct the rest of the world how regulation ought to be enforced.

Harnessing Polybius’ digital innovation, the association will begin by making enhanced and satisfactory acceptable identity and confirmation to decrease cybercrime and help progressing European activities to ensure private information.

“The innovation sector is at the core of our development strategy,” Zafferani proclaims, clarifying that San Marino will likewise concentrate its endeavors on state of the art for the blockchain sector.

Sergio Mottola, Executive Chairman of San Marino Innovation, included that the nation is keen on blockchain’s abilities as long as possible, as opposed to “speculation surrounding today’s cryptocurrency world.”  San Marino intends to be at the forefront of the blockchain revolution, building advances block by block.


San Marino isn’t ceasing its endeavors with the Estonian blockchain organization, yet is currently affecting dialogue with different innovators around the world. Along these lines, if your mind normally swings to Silicon Valley, New York, or Tokyo with regards to blockchain advancement, it’s an ideal opportunity to add San Marino to your radar.


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