New Digital Currency Exchange LIQNET Launched

There are a many crypto exchanges working around the globe. Clients and their assets are isolated; this implies liquidity is ring-fenced. The lower liquidity, the less the average position amount contrasted with stock and other exemplary markets. What’s more, amid market upsets, it can be inadequate notwithstanding to trade little measures of cryptocurrency. Keeping in mind the end goal to keep developing at a similar pace, the market earnestly needs standardization.

LIQNET has built up a liquidity pooling system, LEN (Liquidity Exchange Network). LEN gathers and pools orders from exchange clients and requests from different platforms into a solitary depth of market panel and makes them accessible for trade to all LIQNET trade clients.

Utilizing open APIs of crypto trades, LEN surveys them for buy and sale offers, framing a solitary depth of market panel for its clients. This empowers you to exchange at the best costs at lower spread.

Roman Shirokov, LIQNET CEO said that “the exchange pools liquidity using both conventional methods and a dedicated mechanism based on proprietary LEN technology. LEN enables the LIQNET system to improve the standard depth-of-market model to source additional liquidity where demand meets supply.”

The LIQNET venture has united experienced finance, law and technology experts. They have a great reputation in finance, stock and forex exchanging and data technologies.

Chief tech officer at LIQNET, Yevgeny Tarasenko had this to say: “We are all united and inspired by a single common cause, with the team members being on the same page about how to further it. Each project stakeholder is not just a professional but part of a team, which is why we are moving forward in a concerted and swift manner.”

LIQNET was formed in 2015 by investors and business visionaries Roman Shirokov, Vyacheslav Kasatkin and Yevgeny Tarasenko because of a thorough examination of the issues of the exchange market. The project was set up with the aim of creating a one-of-a-kind and dependable exchange, which can pool liquidity from contending platforms and take care of the issue of market fragmentation.

At a beginning period of its development, the LIQNET exchange was displayed to the blockchain and crypto group at the investment discussion in Hong Kong “Invest WEEKEND” and at the “World Blockchain Forum” in Dubai, where it got a positive reaction.

Crowdsale is planned for May-June 2018 and will comprise of two phases: a closed pre-deal to an open ICO.


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