SPINDLE Intends To Deliver Asset Management To The Individual Through Blockchain Tech

The cryptocurrency market is growing quickly and provides unusual opportunities for private investors to get involved. However, this doesn’t mean that all of us are now storming the crypto exchanges. The “Wild West Feel” of the market and high obscurity alarm and discourage many people from actively contributing and being a part of the trend.

A decentralized investment platform approaching this very issue currently plans to offer data transparency and more convenience in the investment process.

SPINDLE was founded and developed in Japan and aims to create an entrance point of confidence into cryptocurrency investment and educate people who do not necessarily have a lot of experience in how investment and asset management can be a pleasant way to flourish your life and mind.

SPINDLE extracts the very best form the traditional finance world and its history, expertise, tools, and services, and adds them to the creative decentralized capital management methods to bring in technological merits, clarity, and accessibility.

The SPINDLE team is certain that all people, regardless of their background or financial position, can use investments as a tool to chase their goals.

Up until now, SPINDLE has created an easy to use but a diverse platform that gathers a wide range of investment targets in one space and enables users to personalize their portfolio to preferences.

It is a simple procedure.

An investor coming to the platform will have the option to buy SPINDLE tokens (SPD), the official cryptocurrency used on SPINDLE’s service platform ZETA, directly via mobile or desktop applications. They will also be able to buy and sell SPD on cryptocurrency exchanges where SPD would be listed.

You can use SPD to directly invest in the cryptocurrency funds on the platform; if your investments pay off, you will then receive your returns in SPD which you can re-invest, trade, or exchange to your liking.

SPD can be used to invest in the cryptocurrency funds directly on the platform. If the investment pays off, returns will be received in SPD, which are then re-invested, traded, or exchanged to one’s liking.

“On our platform, investors are able to choose among the best managers and cryptocurrency funds that have been showing the most interesting results,” Masamitsu Hirai, CEO of SPINDLE’s developing company BLACKSTAR GROUP, explains.

“Information about all the managers is entirely transparent, so there is no way to dupe the investor. In addition, within SPINDLE we make it possible to not just compare various capital management agents, but also to converse with them directly so that all your questions can be answered. In this way, you would be able to use the solutions that are most effective for you and diversify your assets as fully as possible.”

All contribution within ZETA is immediately recorded on the blockchain using smart contract technology – this means full clarity in the relationship between investors and asset managers. These kinds of connection acts on equal terms without the need for conventional banks or securities companies to serve as middlemen.

The team behind SPINDLE are into trust and fairness seeing that it is what builds up a partnership between fund managers and investors as it can remove a barrier that has been curtailing numerous people from engaging in proactive asset management in the past.

SPINDLE intends to represent more than access to cryptocurrency investment targets – on a larger scale, BLACKSTAR GROUP developed the concept to stand for an ideology.

SPINDLE doesn’t only lure people towards conscious and confident investments but also helps develop and strengthen the mindset of autonomy in thought and action. BLACKSTAR GROUP firmly stands for autonomy as the key to customize success and self-realization, and in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency as a powerful option to chase the same and break out of traditionally exploitative social systems.

Although SPINDLE will start by connecting investors with cryptocurrency hedge funds and asset management also contain the addition of promising ICO’s and new tokens in the future. As a next step in the roadmap, this will provide private investors even more opportunities to expand their portfolio.

The private pre-sale has closed but SPINDLE’s ICO will take place in the spring of 2018, from 9 to 15 May. SPINDLE will be issuing 10 billion SPD, over 60 percent of which will be made available for buying by investors.

In contrast to ICO’s, SPINDLE will not wait until the TGE is over to start developing the application: the platform ZETA, which started development work in early 2018, is scheduled for release between the fall and winter of 2018.


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