Celebrities Partner With CEEK For Next Level Virtual Reality Technology

Superstars and fans, as a rule, have a one-of-a-kind relationship. From one viewpoint, superstars can end up irritated with all the attention – a great many photos, barely any privacy, at times obvious stalking – the list continues.

A straightforward Google search yields some ridiculous photographs of celebs and their fans. Every photograph is stating “Please go away.”

Then again, a few big names grasp their platform and utilize it to better the world. For these celebrities – whether they be actors, artists, or other performers– the spotlight isn’t about them, it’s about their fans. They perform not for the money (although it is absolutely necessary)., but rather to bring satisfaction to their numerous supporters.

Sadly for their fans, celebrities can’t be everywhere at the same time. In spite of the fact that web-based social networking has made things substantially less difficult, for example, enabling them to present photographs and recordings to stay in contact with their digital fans, individual interactions are difficult to find. There should be a new thing that connects famous people to their fans, and for some time now, there hasn’t been a commendable challenger.

This is evolution, however, as famous people keep on showing enthusiasm for the stunning capacities of virtual reality (VR) innovation. Likewise, some famous people are currently partnering with VR organizations to make VR shows for their fans.

CEEK, a VR company with an officially fruitful VR headset, has partnered with huge artists like U2, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and the recently declared World of Dance, to give fans immersive virtual show experiences. Not satisfied to keep up the status quo, the CEEK group is additionally working on some trailblazing blockchain improvements that will change the way celebs and fans communicate.

The core of CEEK’s blockchain upgrade rotates around the tokenization of the virtual world. This enables the platform to run all the more productively as well as work more cost-effectively. A key component is a ChainLink, a safe Blockchain middleware that allows Ethereum smart contracts on the CEEK platform connect with external assets through outside data feeds. Accordingly, CEEK can offer services, for example, “on-chain” memberships for direct buy using smart contracts. Basically, it links the payment frameworks of the virtual world with the payments frameworks of the real world, making a streamlined and proficient transaction process.

What’s more, the platform uses the CEEK token, a multi-purpose coin that has an assortment of capacities on the platform. In a general sense, CEEK is the money-related unit with which clients can buy access to the platform’s VR features. It likewise has a voting capacity, enabling clients to stake or vote on which content they need the platform to make available. This enables the platform to powerfully develop with the wishes of its client base.

As far as celebrities are concerned, this is a great technology to help them relate to their fans better. As a part of their blockchain activity, CEEK is appearing the CEEK Virtual Mint component. The CEEK Virtual Mint is a token conversion protocol that enables VIPs to make custom tokens or coins for their fans. These tokens fill in as “in-game” currencies and can be utilized for a variety of purposes, including the production of custom virtual products and other things. This incorporates concert tickets to a VR show with extraordinary backstage passes; virtual skins, which can be kept by their proprietors or sold to other platform clients in return for CEEK tokens; and frequent guest coupons, which offer advantages at places that are consistently visited.

Furthermore, famous people will have the capacity to make extraordinary, custom VR experiences for their fans, only available through the CEEK platform. This incorporates backstage passes, interviews, and 360-degree concert encounters that are basically impossible in real life.


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