Twenty BCH To Be Airdropped By Bitcoin Cash Fund And Yeewallet

This week, precisely on Tuesday 8, Bitcoin Cash Fund (BCF) and the founders of the Yee application, announced a partnership with the aim of extending the adoption of bitcoin cash to all Yeewallet users.

Yeewallet is a firm that has recently been launched. Its particularity is that it is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet that has characteristics like internet voice calls with the popular Yeecall platform.

BCF, on the other hand, is a non-profit organization that aims at spreading the adoption of bitcoin cash all over the world. They believe that if the 3 millions users of Yee get BCH, it will help as a stepping stone to the cryptocurrency’s use. To that effect, Yee recently added BCH support for the Yeewallet interface. Their belief is that this week’s airdrop will help the bitcoin cash network effect circulation.

The Yee company explains that “Yee believes that the support of BCH on Yeewallet will not only enrich the Yeecall’s application scenario and satisfy our Yeecall users’ needs, but also extend the BCH’s influence and promote the development of BCH community.”

To be eligible for Yee’s bitcoin airdrop, users must meet specific requirements that include the fact that yeewallet users must hold not less than 10,000 tokens of the company’s native coin by name Yee. Those who meet the requirements will share 20 BCH. Pul Wasensteiner, a board member of the Bitcoin Cash Fund told the that “the BCH airdrop will be divided proportionally based on the quantity of YEE they have in their wallet, with a minimum of 10,000 YEE as a requirement.”

Following a chat of the with Paul Wasensteiner on the recent BCF initiative with Yee, Paul said that he believes that the airdrop is a great opportunity to spread bitcoin cash far and wide. He also explained that “Bitcoin Cash technology needs to be ingrained into almost everything we use to communicate — The internet allowed almost any person in the world to communicate with anyone else, and Bitcoin Cash will do the same for money. By integrating a Bitcoin Cash wallet into a popular messaging app like Yeecall, and even providing some free BCH so people can see how easy it is to use, the barrier to entry for these users has been completed removed.”



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