LIQNET Bungs Pre ICO Bonus Of Up To 100% For Early-Bird Investors

LIQNET, a creative cryptocurrency exchange, launched its first-round ICO pre-sale on May 7 and will be live through May 27. LIQNET investors and probable users will be able to test-drive the new exchange as the company is running open testing alongside with the pre-sale. LIQNET users will be able to feel the advantages of Liquid Exchange Network (LEN) technology behind the creative multi-exchange liquidity collection mechanism deployed on LIQNET.

LIQNET traders will get access to the best buying and selling prices with minimum spread because the LEN mechanism will aggregate their orders and orders from other platforms into a single order book, developing deep liquidity.

The exchange is giving away LEN tokens to finance further business development. They will offer holders with the following benefits:

Lower commission – token holders will receive a 0.5% discount on the total commission amount. Users can stimulate a discount for 24 hours at a given time or as soon as tokens are written off from their account. The highest possible discount is 90% with increment size 0.5%.  The timing of the discount can be accommodated in the user’s personal area.

Voting rights- on the choice of currency pairs listed on the exchange and ways of spending revenue generated by commissions.

LIQNET provides generous bonuses up to 100% for investors buying tokens on pre-sale.

The main stage ICO will run from May 28 until August 28, 2018, or until the hard cap for $50 million is attained, whatever occurs first. The soft cap target is set at $20 million. Investors can buy tokens with Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Zcash (ZEC), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP) and Waves.

Investors will be provided an additional 40% bonus to bought tokens during the first three days of the public crowd sale, 20% during the next three days, and 10% during the next four days.

The number of LEN tokens is limited to 63,746,032. Investors will get their bought tokens within five days after the ICO.

Roman Shirokov, CEO, and C0-Founder of LIQNET:

“We created an integrated trading platform to improve the trading experience and liquidity for the purpose of raising our users’ profits. Our product is the first of its kind. The team finds it very important that the investment community and token holders value our openness, transparency, and willingness to work on the platform in the best interests of its users.”

Vyacheslav Kasatkin, LIQNET Co-Founder:

“The cryptocurrency market is under a lot of stress. It begs for a uniting hand and a new stage of eliminating boundaries between asset holders. The LEN mechanism, with its advanced security and a single trading interface for multiple exchanges, make LIQNET one of the growth drivers for the industry.”

LIQNET was established in 2015 by Roman Shirokov, Vyacheslav Kasatkin, and Evgeniy Trasenko. Mr. Shirokov and Mr. Kasatkin are seasoned business owners with a wealth of experience in traditional markets, investments, and finance, while Mr. Tarasenko has a solid background in IT. The LIQNET project is based on detailed research and evaluation of exchange market challenges. LIQNET intends to develop a unique and reliable exchange that will merge liquidity from competing platforms and solve the problem of industry fragmentation.

LIQNET platform was presented to the blockchain- and the crypto-related community at the invest WEEKEND event in Hong Kong and Dubai’s international World Blockchain Forum, where it obtained favorable reviews. LIQNET’s operates under Singapore’s jurisdiction.



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