Mainnet Fever: Which Prominent Projects Are Launching Soon

A lot of tokens have been on everybody’s watch list these days, to speculate the effect of the mainnet launch on the market price. But also, after most of those hot projects build their proprietary blockchain, the expectations are for fast-paced growth, and the presentation of fast distributed apps for everyday use.

There are a few projects that will upgrade from their current token status, and add features and their own form of smart contracts. The reason for delayed mainnet launch was the desire to quickly go through the fundraising.

But the most prominent launches will soon come with big promises:

TRON, 31 May 2018: the mainnet launch is having a market effect on the TRX market price in the past few days.

What owning the new tokens will change: token holders will have voting rights and elect Super Delegates to safeguard the network.

What needs to be done ahead of time: send TRX tokens to exchanges, which will take care of the balances. Withdraw to the new TRON wallet.

EOS, June 2, 2018: the release of the Eosio distributed operating system will follow the mainnet launch. A vote for block producers will follow soon after.

What will change: EOS tokens will have voting rights. The development of distributed apps is also expected.

What needs to be done: register EOS balances on the official site, or send the ERC-20 tokens to Binance or another exchange that would benefit the new balances.

VeChain, June 30: VeChain holders will see their assets increase, obtaining 100 new assets for each VEN old token. This is meant for more intuitive accounting.

What needs to be done: a snapshot of the Ethereum network was already performed. All that is left to do id to wait. For smaller balances, exchanges would credit the new asset.

Ontology, Details Unknown: ontology recently launched a code pre-release of its main network. So far, no details have been given on how the balances will be credited.

What is certain is that current ONT holders will double their balance when the mainnet launch finally arrives.

There are also smaller projects launching soon, with different requirements and benefits.

Among the more vastly awaited are Cardano (ADA). Others, like Augur (REP), would maintain Ethereum-based, but their app would be launched live on the Ethereum mainnet.


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