TruePlay Delivers Clarity To The Online Gambling Industry

While Online Casinos are a lot of fun, they are afflicted with issues – trust being the first and foremost. A blockchain- based platform recently embarked on a mission to fix that and more.

The TruePlay platform was established in 2017 and quickly gained attention as a feasible solution to most of the industry’s problems. Created by Oleksiy Mageramov, Stanislav Makarchuk, and Oleksii Ragozin – veterans of the online gambling industry- TruePlay intends to create a very transparent platform that any gambling project would be able to utilize.

They were first concerned about the players. The backbone of the gambling industry, players were frequently the ones who suffered the most: from the different scams, the incompetent gambling operators, and rigged algorithms. The TruePlay team believed that the client must always be the winner which is why they present players with a unique fair gaming control system, where all possible combinations are recorded onto blockchain before the commencement of the game and cannot be changed during the game or manipulated in any way, regardless of the bet size. The player experience was another bothersome issue, which is why all TruePlay based projects share a single user profile, log in and player statistic, and accept a single token- the TPLAY –as payment.

Gambling associates have always had a rough relationship with gambling operators, as the latter would usually keep the real player statistics away from associates and thus deny them a fair commission. TruePlay is unique in that it allows for a transparent player ledger, making partners see the number of players they brought to the project, their bets, and the commission that results from them. Affiliates use to be entirely at the mercy of gambling operators before TruePlay. But with blockchain-based tech, that is no longer the case.

This new system, quickly called a game changer, was adopted by Pokerdom- one of the world’s largest online casinos, which began accepting (TPLAY) utility tokens from as payment.

A fully licensed casino- – soon became the first online gambling project to be based on the platform.

TruePlay is issuing TruePlay (TPLAY) – a utility token that provides access to gambling platforms. The TruePlay token (TPLAY) is in its pre-sale period, with a private round for investors of ETH 100 or more going on now. A public sale will soon be announced.


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