Bitcoin Today

Today’s edition of Bitcoin in brief is all about the optimism of some influential voices despite the recent dip in the crypto market.

Cyber security expert John McAfee released another bullish prediction, not only after his previous prediction in a tweet saying: “Institutional investors are preparing to enter the cryptocurrency market with a vengeance.”

He admitted to have focused on short term analysis this time, even though it is not his favorite. He pointed out at several occurrences that may affect the cryptocurrency market – which in his words, “will turn before June 12.”

According to McAfee, the “Korea deal is done and Trump will sign the documents in Singapore on 12 June […] the various noises being made are propaganda for domestic consumption,” he noted. The software mogul also predicts that following a deal with North Korea, the US president will travel to Japan, where “talks on creating a gold backed US currency will commence.”

McAfee predicts that Bitcoin (BTC) will surpass $15,000 in June, but will dip in July. He also makes mention of several altcoins like golem, docademic, bezop, bitcoin private and EOS. It is no secret that McAfee is a fan of cryptocurrencies and their adoption. He had previously stated in a post that the price of bitcoin will get to $1 million per coin by the end of this decade.

The computer security guru talks about “the war we are all engaged in,” in a recently recorded video. He says the banks, the government and the US Securities and Exchange Commission have declared war on cryptos. He therefore advises crypto fans to take action by writing to their congressmen and by pressing banks and credit card companies with demands for crypto transactions. He also called on his followers to write the SEC and ask the government watchdog “to leave us alone, because we are not a security […] we are a currency.”


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