Chinese Universities to Build Blockchain for Making Education More Affordable

A number of Chinese Colleges are looking to manufacture a decentralized, blockchain-controlled association which is expected to make educational materials more available and reasonable.

The initiative that was launched on Sunday is driven by Tsinghua x-lab, a startup incubator at China’s Tsinghua University, alongside a few other higher learning centers such as the Peking and Zhejiang colleges.

Named the Youth Education Chain League (YEC League), the initiative aims to counter U.S. Ivy League colleges whose educational materials are to a great extent restricted for use within the top US higher educational institutions only.

The Chinese initiative seeks to create a decentralized independent association (or DAO) using blockchain technology that will allow colleges or research establishments to act as dissemination hubs.

The ultimate objective, as per x-lab, is to give members a chance to vote in favor of future improvements while also granting them access to understudies and resources. The project intends to make useful educational material accessible to all members over the blockchain.

Although x-lab has not yet provided a solid course of events for the project’s advancement, the initiative signifies a noteworthy collective effort by state funded colleges. It represents a major aspect of their more extensive push into examining and creating blockchain innovations.

The information from the China Intellectual Property Office demonstrates that colleges in the country have documented an aggregate of almost 140 patent applications linked with blockchain innovation in the course of recent years, covering an extensive variety of fields.


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