BAP Vice Chair Insists That Government Offices Should Be In Charge Of Blockchain Adoption

Government offices should take the lead in adopting block chain systems to embolden the development of the technology, as reported by Ramon Vicente de Vera, vice chairman of the newly-established Block chain association of the Philippines (BAP).

Referring to the sidelines of BAP’s official launch at the block chain application and economic forum 2018, de Vera said the public sector plays an important role in speeding up block chain adoption.

De Vera who’s in charge of the Union Bank of the Philippine’s fintech and partnership unit, declared:

“Once they get into it, we’ll actually also help the adoption. Imagine the government doing the block chain solution. That (will) not just get the public interests but drive the demand in society. There are so many use cases there — land titling, OFW remittance, loans, even in the backend like efficiency, productivity, procurement.”


He elaborated saying that the Philippines have the potential to become a global leader in the block chain space in addition to enjoying the wealth benefits obtained from the technology. Its application across different sectors could drive comprehensive growth even in the countryside, with block chain potentially playing a vital role in poverty alleviation, he said.


A big push for BAP is the proposal to the technical education and skills development authority (TESDA) and the commission on higher education to develop a block chain education program to upskill Filipinos.


De Vera added,


“It can be done by the Association, its partners, as well as bringing in global leaders. There are block chain academies from Australia, New York, and Japan that can really help in the education aspect.”

Early this month, the Philippine Association of Digital Commerce and Decentralized Industry (PADCDI) said it would want closer cooperation with TESDA to enhance the skills of Filipinos and bring them aligned with world-class software developers to make the country a global block chain hub.


PADCDI chairman Mary Rose Magsaysay said the organization wants the government to offer funds for training courses in block chain development.


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